I could be a song writer

By Jon Hillenbrand In Photography, Stories

So my friend Rikki challenged me by saying that I wouldn’t be a good song writer after I wrote something lame to her. So I took up the challenge and asked her to give me a subject and I would write a song about it. But I couldn’t wait, so I just picked a potato and wrote a song about that. So here it is:

In my dream she rolls to me
With sun in her eyes, sun in her eyes
Skin so soft it makes me cry
The day is long and I hear her sighs

I walk alone, I sometimes see
Through the sand and heat in me…

Potato! Girl! You roll to me with grace
You’re earthy smell is like a warm embrace
One day I know I’ll get out of this place
And that day soon we’ll marry and live our days…

Together! Girl! Potato you’ve been there for me
In my hand we’ll run across the beach, you are free
I see you in my garden, don’t you see me too
See me in you…see me in you…see me in you.

I need to work on the chorus a little more, keep it melodic, but I think it works.

  1. crysOakleee March 4, 2008

    omg, tell me when you’re releasing your next album, because I dont think I can wait ’til then to buy this… this… this amazing genius of American pop art.

    Reminds me of the only pop song I ever wrote…’bout the “tomoto with sour cream for YOU.” But I’m sure you know that from reading my blog.

  2. jonnyfilmboy March 15, 2008

    Never saw that one. Sing it to me!


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