So I re-read the manual to the Nikon SB-800 speedlights that I use here at work and I discovered two things that were, in the corporate parlance of our times, big ah-ha’s to me. See, when we first got these strobes, I read up on them and knew that some of the features wouldn’t work with our then current prosumer production camera. But in the past year, we upgraded to a more modern camera that has compatibility with the Nikon Creative Lighting System, or iTTL. I knew I should have re-read the strobe manuals to see what new features I would get, but who has the time for that sort of nonsense?

Anyway, I tried out the new functionality today and was impressed. It will save me a few minutes of tweaking now for every shoot. Unfortunately, we just also upgraded our diffusion panels to a different design. The new design sucks and will take an extra few minutes to set up every shoot. So really, it’s a draw in terms of time gained and lost. Except now, I think I look like an idiot trying to set up this diffusion panel with the bungee corded legs going everywhere. Great way to instill confidence in your subjects that you are an experienced professional. I look like Benny Hill trying to set up a tent.

What do you think?