Hot enough for ya!?

By Jon Hillenbrand In Photography, Stories

Hi blog.
So I’m feeling kind of basic today. Maybe it’s the heat and the humidity. It’s so hot and humid today I saw the devil wearing a t-shirt and drinking a Gatorade. I swam into the parking garage today and snorkled to my car. I wiped off my hands and opened the door but my hand slipped and I slapped the CEO straight across the face. He tried to complain but when he went to take a breath, he drowned. And it was so hot that instead of his body falling to the ground, it was instantly absorbed into the surround parking garage like when Yoda died. So I tried again and this time was able to get into my car. I started it up, turned on the A/C and I instantly froze solid like Tom in that Tom and Jerry cartoon where the wires from the ice box were sitting on the kitchen floor and there was water every where. Remember that? Tom had that soda squirter thing that no one uses anymore and Jerry turned that dial and everything instantly froze including that squirt from the soda bottle which froze into an ice bridge for Jerry. And the flashlight shone through the different colored jello molds like a spot light on Jerry and his friend when they were ice skating around the kitchen.

Anyway, the fire alarm keeps going off here. It’s annoying. It’s almost like the building is complaining about the heat. You would think in four years the fire alarm would be fixed so it doesn’t go off every day. But it goes off every day, several times a day for the last four years. Maybe people keep smoking in the bathroom or something, stupid patients coping with their bad news. Just kidding.

Well blog, back to the grind.

What do you think?