Aaaaannd this was today…

By Jon Hillenbrand In Photography, Stories

Here’s what I did today.

  • Got up and went to work
  • Went to a meeting
  • Shot a headshot for a doc
  • Went to a Christmas lunch
  • Went home and spent a few hours watching CommunityChannel


I love how when you are talking in a big group at a big table, and the conversation is lively and upbeat, and then two people (usually a guy and a girl sitting across from each other) start really connecting, and then soon everyone is just involved in their personal two-way conversation. And people start to make comments about their conversation which make no sense…

GUY CONNECTING: “Oh my God, you went to Peterson High? So did I?”
GIRL CONNECTING: “Totally! Remember the big boulder everyone used to paint?”
GUY CONNECTING: “That’s so awesome! I painted my name on that rock!”
ALIENATED GUY AT TABLE: “Yeah, rocks are cool.”

Basically everyone else at the table is reduced to watching a TV show in real life. But you can’t change the channel. All you can do is turn to one of the other tables, wait like 30 seconds, look back at the couple, look back away from the table, aaaaaaaaaand then slowly get up and go talk to someone else.

Anyway, that was today.

What do you think?