Today during a studio shoot, I had an interesting interchange with an older woman who volunteered to be a model for a set of ads we are putting together for the launch of a new wing to a hospital:

SUBJECT: “I own my own ad agency, so I know all about photos. And if there are any photos that I don’t like, I will MAKE you delete them.”

ME: “Really.  OK then.”

Later, after the shoot, as we are reviewing the photos on the back of the camera…

SUBJECT: “That one.  I don’t like my butt.  And that one.  Delete it.  Delete that one where my butt looks bad.”

ME: “OK.  So well, thanks so much for coming in and volunteering to be a part of this shoot.”

SUBJECT: “Promise me.  Promise you will delete those photos I don’t like.”

ME: “I will.  I’ll only use the good photos.”

SUBJECT: “Promise me.  Swear.  Swear to God!”

ME: “OK, I’m not going to swear to God.  But I promise to only use the good photos.”

SUBJECT: “Good.  Because if I see any of those photos I don’t like in these ads, I’ll find your photo studio a LOT quicker.” (She was an hour late.)

ME: “OK, thanks for coming.  Safe trip home.”

What do you think?