By Jon Hillenbrand In Poetry

This is a poem I wrote about how inspired to write I feel whenever I’m out running at night.  Usually I think of a lot of things to write, but then I start to forget everything as fatigue sets in.

Quick, run inside
The words will hide
Cuz’ words don’t fear
Tip of the spear
The dream’s not real
Dreamers don’t feel
So run tonight
And see the flight
Of angels high
Above the sky
Calm wings do glide
And match my stride
Look down with hope
Look down and gloat
See days like sand
It’s in my hand
Tread through the worst
Clouds black and burst
Run Spartan skin
Wind chills my sin
Look down and pray
Run for today
Thoughts with me dwell
Sand fills my well
Run with their weight

What do you think?