Amazing womenLOOKING

Looking online for someone to date is like shopping for a car.  Too old, too young, wrong color, wrong features, looks like high-maintenance hotness, looks perfect but the seller won’t contact me back, etc.   

The good thing about shopping online for someone to date is when you meet someone in person, the old trepidation is gone.  It’s like finding the perfect little red convertible on a random lot, skidding to a stop and looking for the asking price on the windshield.  Better to risk a major catastrophe than let a great opportunity pass you by.

Of course, the more you ask, the more your bleed your heart out in little cuts.  You can’t make yourself appealing to anyone without taking at least a small risk.  Kanye West and Jay-Z can get away with looking at a girl and saying, “That’s my bitch.”  I guess I just wasn’t built that way.  I’m more like the varsity football coach who feels every loss with a deep nod, as if you’re letting your kids down.  Those speeches don’t grow on trees, and after a few losses, you can see the kids losing interest in this line of play.

Of course, there’s always…

Great moments are born from great opportunity. And thats what you have here tonight, boys. Thats what youve earned here tonight. One gameThis is your time. Now go out there and take it.
-Coach Brooks

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