What I Can Do

By Jon Hillenbrand In Poetry

If you are too weak to walk, I’ll lift you on my shoulders.

If you are too tired to laugh, I’ll sing you to sleep.

If you are scared of your nightmares, I’ll conquor your demons.

If you are hungry for contact, I’ll fill you with love.

If your shoulders are shaking, my coat will fit you.

If you’re longing for feedback, I was raised by a mom and two sisters.

If you want to have fun at a car show, I can usually tell when my river of information has crested.

If your knees are two wind-bent willows, I can be your oak.

If you are too drunk to lay your head down anywhere except the toilet seat, I’ll still love and respect you in the morning.

If you were hurt in the past, hey, so was I.

If you want all of these things or none of them, I’ll understand.

If you cry out at the injustice of the world, I’ll be your wailing wall.

If you take up arms, I’ll be your muscle.

If you make a big deal out of it all and beat my chest with your arms, I’ll take it with patience.

This I can do for you because my love feeds off of your love like two wildfires taking back settled land.

This I can do for you because I believe in something larger than what is in front of us at this moment.

This I can do for us because we is the stronger form of you and me.


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