The Adventures of Jon Hillenbrand

By Jon Hillenbrand In Stories

My mom forwarded this story to me that I wrote when I was 8 years old…


One day I climbed up my tree and saw a race track.  I was there yesterday.  I was looking at my racing car.  The racing car was red and had a stripe down the middle of it.  My friends were tuning the engine.  I was getting my suit on.  Then the race was beginning.  I got in my race car.  Then a man waved a flag, so I pressed the gas.  “They’re off!” said a guy in the stands.  The race cars were going so fast that the tires were making a black mark on the track.  Then the race cars were coming to the finish line.  So I kicked the gas pedal and won the race.  I go a trophy too.  Then I woke up.  It must have been a dream. I was in my room.  But there was a trophy in my room. Then I went outside, climbed up my tree, and saw a bulldozer.
by:  Jonathan Hillenbrand
     Age 8

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