The princess and her hair

Birth of a Phoenix

By Jon Hillenbrand In Poetry

The wind at the fair
Blew through my long hair
The men they did stare
At me

I thought they were daft
To stare at a draft
Many of them laughed
At me

My coat I pulled tight
Around me tonight
Their gazes a fright
To me

I walked away fast
The moment had passed
Why were they aghast
At me

To home. My face flushed
My roommate was hushed
Toward mirror I rushed
To see

My hair was all gone
As bald as a swan
The gaze of a fawn
I see

I reached for my head
A visage of dread
My hands reached a thread
Of me

Awake with a fright
I bolted alight
Clammed feet through the night
To see

My hair was still there
I stared at it fair
Felt waning despair
And glee

But lingering doubts
Anger at those louts
Mumbled raging shouts
In me

I picked up those shears
And confirmed my fears
Clipped off with loose tears
My glee

The hair did fall down
Away from my crown
Innocence did drown
I’m free

A princess no more
But Phoenix galore
Now what is in store
For me

What do you think?