Windowed Night

By Jon Hillenbrand In Poetry
Falling rain
Lighting up
By passing cars
And flashy bars
Like lightning bugs
In mason jars
As far’s the eye can see
The sea makes a plea
To be the sky
To fly
But heavy water falls
In walls
Like posters stuck to China’s walls
The distant land
As complex as a band
Details like sand
A dragon flies with
A child cries
As parents bring her to the skies
Across the sea
With it’s plea
To be the sky
Like the eye
Of the child looking high
Through the windowed night
A metal kite
And she fills her eyes with the light
Of a thousand stars
Like distant cars
Numerous as strangers all around and new
Unhappy feeling blue
Her far off land a memory
Like the view of the sea
Windowed from her seat
Neat but a strange way to greet
Her new life should be sweet
Connecting friends from a Tweet
Life a giant street
Looking down can be sad
Up can be glad
Out can be mad or bad or wearing plaid
Life anew, near or far
Looking up to see the stars
Filling her eyes with Mars and quasars
She looks so high
And lets out a sigh
As her eyes twinkle like a perfect night sky

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