Why should you read this blog?

By Jon Hillenbrand In Photography, Stories

Great question! Well, there are a few things that people have to say in their lives, and often, those people choose to be writers. Sometimes the words come out better as fiction, sometimes better as stated fact. And some, well, they like to mix it up. Which am I? I guess I’m the second one because I work for the third one. And the first one is only good in bed, and the computer is too big for bed.

Why should you care? Here are some reasons:

  • Potentially just maybe you will like what I have to say
  • Definite insight into what goes into the photos and videos and websites I produce
  • Possible laughter opportunities

So there you have it. In a nutshell, click back.  Just kidding.  Take a look around and hopefully you may learn something, enjoy something or hate something that will get you thinking.

What do you think?