Cardiac Cath Photos

By Jon Hillenbrand In Photography, Stories

Some of my images were placed on a blog that a great physician, Westby Fisher, runs for his patients and other docs. You can view them here:

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I’d like to thank one of the nurses for stopping me from walking into a room without a lead apron on. My perfectly formed babies will thank you.

  1. crysOakleee October 27, 2007

    Hey, you posted! Did you have to shoot all this from start to finish?! Sounds like a long day. How does one walk around while wearing a lead apron, isn’t it heavy?

  2. jonnyfilmboy October 31, 2007

    I shot it for about 45 minutes or so, and then went back and shot a group shot once the procedures were done. The lead apron is very close to your body, like lead spandex. So it’s not difficult to work with it. And I have worn it before and knew what to expect. And I’m really strong. 😉

  3. jonnyfilmboy March 3, 2008

    I just shot in the Cath Lab again recently, and I spent about 5 minutes in there without the dang lead apron on, so I take back all of my good wishes for those Cath nurses.

  4. crysOakleee March 4, 2008

    That’s it. You’ll never carry my babies, and that’s the end of it.


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