The Direction

By Jon Hillenbrand In Poetry

Morality is a giant flock of birds, every one joining and leaving as necessary to fulfill their immediate ambitions, the overall shape and direction coming from the collective emergence of the many.  There are those who would enliven the flock and those who would laugh at its destruction.  Today I flow on my own, straggling as always uninvolved from a distance where I can take my impressions without influencing my subject.  I pass along that which I can confidently say is good.  My hope is the welfare of the many and my distant hope is the fulfilment of dreams from childhood which I was assured are true, despite everything to the contrary.  I have time for the journey is incomplete.  We rest when it rains.  We work together to eat.  Love leaves and arrives with sorrow and joy on the wind. 

My overall direction is forward, documenting the flock, narrowing for the bright, opening for the darkness, without judgement, seeing how the wind comes to me.

What do you think?