Sweet as a field of grass

By Jon Hillenbrand In Photography, Stories

Life is Beautiful, but it’s complicated. I looked up the song title “Life is Beautiful” today at Barnes and Noble, and 60 entries came up with that as the song title! 60! It’s plagiarism gone amok! And, of course, the version by Vega4 wasn’t listed, which was the only version I cared to hear. Because of recent problems with people in my office, I listen to my headphones a lot. And hearing some of these songs is the only way to concentrate. And honestly, it’s therapeutic. I recently got out of, or was removed from, a relationship with a woman who from all possible angles was perfect for me. Why did it end then? The plan. I wasn’t in her plan.
It’s strange that despite how much I want to talk to her, I wont out of fear of her thinking that I’m stalking her or not “moving on” the way I should be. So I stay away. But maybe she wants me to theatrically run through the streets in the rain into the airport to stop her from getting on that plane and moving to France. I’ll grab her at the jetway, with the security lady screaming, “Sir?!” after me as I pass her. Does she want to be swept up the way men should probably sweep up women? Women’s lib, sexual harassment laws, and every other step forward for women has a flip side. Men no longer feel free to persue them out of fear of being slapped in one way or another. Either with a hand or with a lawsuit. And it’s now translated into the game of Love. Am I coming on too strong? Should I even worry about it?
So I keep on going on in my life. Work slows down. I finally get some time to think about my life and what I’m doing with it. Am I on the right course? Does it matter as long as I am having fun? Did I screw up my life? Should I run after this girl? Should I leave Chicago behind and go move somewhere where my work can be taken to the next level?
Love swells in us like soaked wood. We long for it to fill us up. And when again parched, nothing would taste sweeter and nothing feels emptier. I drank you, and now I drink to you.
What does any of this have to do with photography? Well, I’m sure you can draw some parallels between approaching strangers for a photo and approaching a girl you like. There are social dynamics that have to either be respected or ignored. The trick is to know when to do what.

What do you think?