I was just emailed this question from a client for an upcoming photo shoot I will be working:

Jon, do you need any special arrangements for the luncheon on 6/27? – Let me know – Thanks,
(name withheld to protect the innocent)

Here was my reply:

I will need the following items:

  1. All gloss-black trailer with a single white star on the door, no name.
  2. The trailer should have a 12 speaker Bose sound system and all my songs loaded onto the player, and good lighting inside
  3. Ice box full of Desani water, not Ice Mountain
  4. Fresh Lipton Iced Tea made with the Desani bottled water every hour with two ice cubes per glass, no more, no less
  5. A Chia Pet – type doesn’t matter
  6. One apple picked at the start of the apple picking season – I’ll know
  7. A Honda or Yamaha 4-wheeler ATV
  8. 60 packages of 3 or 30 packages of 6 golf balls and one 5-iron (titanium)
  9. Stainless steel bucket
  10. Astroturf with embedded golf tee
  11. 12-foot ladder
  12. 10 Ray-ban men’s sunglasses styles to choose from
  13. 10-DG sunglasses in women’s styles – not for me
  14. Alienware computer with high-end 5.1 speakers, 26” widescreen monitor, Saitek FCS HOTAS, and TrackIR head tracking system
  15. High-Speed Internet access
  16. Some cokes
  17. A pug (for my sister)
  18. Collar and leash
  19. 15 assorted kinds of incense
  20. All leather surfaces will need to be removed and replaced with suede or cashmere
  21. 50 bottle rockets
  22. 60 packages of Snickers Crunchers (for my other sister)
  23. 60 packages of PB Twix (for my friends)
  24. Fannie May Turtles (quite a few)
  25. A good collection of country music CDs or MP3s (doesn’t matter which bands as long as they are popular)
  26. A plasma sphere at least 24 inches in diameter
  27. Bed with at least 1200 thread count sheets and artificial down comforter and pillows
  28. Disco ball
  29. Dog walking service on standby
  30. Alarm clock with three alarms that can be individually set for weekdays and weekends
  31. The King Of Queens seasons 1-8 on DVD
  32. Access to a Ferrari F430 or Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder at a moments notice

I think it’s a pretty good list! Important Life question, “What would your Rockstar request list look like?”

What do you think?