I’m giving a new look to my blog.  The photos will be larger, EXIF data like shutter speed, f/stop, ISO and camera type will be posted in the left column and links to other blog entries are now at the bottom of each page.  Background and text colors of the blog  will change depending on the color of the photos that I post.  There is also an ARCHIVE link on the top of each page with thumbnails to different pics and stories. 

Also take note of the large left and right arrows (sideways carrots?) on each page.  They move you forward and backward through the blog.

Let me know what you think.  And click around on old posts to see the new look in action!

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  1. Jon Hillenbrand August 17, 2010

    Please note that this post refers to my OLD blog, the one that resides at http://www.jonhillenbrand.wordpress.com. The blog you are currently reading has been updated since this post (and moved over to http://www.jonhillenbrand.com!).


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